Sony Optical Disc Archive Systems

As a co-developer of the CD, Sony has a long history with optical data carriers, to which the Japanese company has remained loyal to this day. After Blu-ray, Sony is developing the Optical Disc Archive (ODA), a reliable and robust storage system with an archive life of up to 100 years.


Sony ODS PetaSite Library

The Sony ODS-L30M with 30 slots is the base unit for the PetaSite Optical Disc Archive Library. It provides space for up to two ODS-D77F Optical Disc Archive fiber drives and up to 30 cartridges. Equipped with a built-in robot mechanism, the base unit occupies 7 units in a 19" rack. The basic unit can be extended with up to five additional units. Two expansion modules are available for this purpose. One is the Sony ODS-L60E with one drive and up to 61 cartridges and the Sony ODS-L100E system, which can only be equipped with cartridges (101 slots). This allows the PetaSite to be expanded to a total capacity of 535 cartridges with 803 TB.

Data sheet:Sony Optical Disc Archive Brochure

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Sony ODS-L10 Library

The ODS-L10 Library, Sony's small optical disc archive library, provides efficient archive management for small to medium-sized news and broadcast systems. With two drives and 10 slots, the system offers up to 15 TB storage capacity.

It has a web-based application for immediate use. Access is possible via up to five clients simultaneously. For more extensive usage situations we can also offer alternatives.

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Sony ODS drives

Sony has developed various external and internal drives for writing and reading the cartridges, which are used either as desktop or drive for integration in the libraries. The three external desktop drives ODS-D280, ODS-D55U and ODS-D77U differ in generation compatibility and the corresponding data transfer rates.

Data sheet (PDF):Sony Optical Disc Archive Drives and Cartridges

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Sony ODC Cartridges

By combining 12 Blu-rays, Sony is currently achieving a maximum storage capacity of up to 1.5 TB in one cartridge. Sony gives an estimated life span of about 100 years. For the long-term archiving of valuable files, this solution is therefore a sensible alternative to LTO and other conventional types of data tapes.

Sony optical disc cartridges are available in 300GB, 600GB, 1.2TB, or 1.5TB capacities and in rewritable or write-once versions. The Generation 2 ODA cartridges, the ODC-3300R, will even have 3.3 TB.

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